Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brief Excerpt

Roy was pretty good at guessing distances from his days as an engineer and he put the cliff’s height at about a thousand feet. While that wasn’t an unheard of height on Earth by any means, the sheerness of its face made it quite imposing. As he stepped back away from the cliff and towards the water trying to get a better view, he noticed that the top of the cliff actually jutted out further than its base, causing it to look like something from a Road Runner cartoon. Would the speedy little bird and Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius, be along any time now? The top of the cliff looked like the perfect place for the long-suffering coyote to try and set a trap for his foe. When it failed, as it was doomed to do from the start, the overhanging part of the cliff would simply break away and the coyote would be in for yet another fall.

As strange as things were, Roy didn’t think that was going to happen, but you could never tell. Who would have guessed he would be here at all? Wherever here was.

As Roy examined the cliff, he noticed a small black dot in the sky, just off the cliff’s edge. Then he noticed another, and another, and yet another. Four black dots, definitely moving away from the cliff, in the sky.

As he continued to watch, the dots grew in size. Whatever the things were, they appeared to be falling. Roy squinted, trying to make out a shape he might recognize, but they were still too small.

Up until then the only sound Roy had been aware of was the waves coming on shore. Now, a new sound came to his ear. It was a high-pitched, squeaking sound like someone or something screaming, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” But it didn’t sound like that someone or something was scared. It was more like they were excited, maybe having so much fun they couldn’t help but squeal.

As the black dots continued to fall towards the ground and grow in size, Roy could finally make out a shape. The things looked like lizards! All four of their legs were sticking straight out away from their bodies. As they continued their descent, Roy could also see that there was a triangle-shaped flap of something, skin he guessed, attached to the creatures’ front legs. These flaps were billowing in the wind like little parachutes as the creatures glided slowly and skillfully towards the beach.

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